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  • Bitcoin as Fungus

    My recent Twitter thread commenting on an essay describing Bitcoin as a fungus intertwined with humanity.

  • Flocking Behavior

    This will hopefully be my last post about the crypto bubble for a while. I feel terrible about myself for spending so much time being distracted by trying to convince people not to “invest” money that they can’t afford to lose into gambling on chance, but I also feel oddly satisfied too, as if I…

  • Why We Can’t Price Anything in Bitcoin

    In this post I try to explain the “unit of account” function of money and why cryptocurrency can’t fulfill it, using El Salvador as an example.

  • Bitcoin to Ethereum

    Bitcoin to Ethereum

    I explain the harm reduction that we can get, if we’re going to live with cryptocurrencies at all, by migrating from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake, or by starting with proof-of-stake for new blockchains.

  • The Great Bitcoin Bank Heist

    This essay was originally posted to Medium on Mar. 29, 2021. I have one more prediction about Bitcoin. I recently learned about George Soros’s theory of reflexivity which explains so much about how markets often become detached from reality when pricing a new asset. At first there’s a slow buildup of hype and excitement that spurs further investment…