The Great Bitcoin Bank Heist

This essay was originally posted to Medium on Mar. 29, 2021. I have one more prediction about Bitcoin. I recently learned about George Soros’s theory of reflexivity which explains so much about how markets often become detached from reality when pricing a new asset. At first there’s a slow buildup of hype and excitement that spurs further investment… Continue reading The Great Bitcoin Bank Heist

How to wind down the crypto market

Note: This is another Medium repost, originally written Mar. 10, 2021. I’ve slightly edited the formatting. I’m a solution-oriented person, so I figured out a way to take care of the collective damage to our planet that we’re causing by chasing crypto tokens for greed. I think the solution will need to be along these… Continue reading How to wind down the crypto market

First Post!

I’ve just finished setting up my Raspberry Pi 400 as a home web server front end, including SSL support using Let’s Encrypt, and IPv6. I also have an email server set up, so you should be able to contact me at as well as my permanent email address, I’m currently working on some… Continue reading First Post!