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  • 5th Generation Warfare

    Mark Moss’s YouTube channel is about 20% kooky stuff and 80% interesting actual conspiracies. Dr. Robert Malone has some smug climate change denial comments and is known now for vaccine skepticism, but the 5th Generation Warfare (5GW) and how the military and intelligence agencies think is spot on. I’m trying to figure out how Dr. […]

  • The Satanists Of Yonkers

    Here’s the thing: I don’t want there to have been real Satanic cults doing drugs and human sacrifices and sexually abusing kids in secret group rituals. But apparently all of that really did exist, and maybe these cults are still around, and the “mainstream” just doesn’t want to speak about it, and lumps it all […]

  • Elon Musk Is A Nazi

    Did you know that you can’t call Elon Musk a Nazi on LinkedIn because that’s “bullying”? Elon Musk is a Nazi, and Twitter is a social network for Nazis. I’m grateful for the intuitive wisdom that led me to delete my Twitter account. Elon Musk is also a stupid person’s idea of a smart person. […]

  • Being Fully Conscious

    This interview with Dr. John Demartini is amazing. He’s integrated neurological findings with the mystical ones, and has some really practical insights for how to take control of your amygdala and your emotions and manifest your deep goals. And if you’re looking for something even more in the spiritual domain, Alex Ferrari interviewing Grandmaster Wolf […]

  • KaiOS Needs Apps

    KaiOS’s app store is really empty right now. I can play Internet radio stations in the background, read the Qur’an, scan QR codes, and play some terrible games. I can search the Internet and browse the Web using the D-pad to move a cursor around, and use the most limited mobile web versions of Google […]

  • “Next Level” Reality

    One of the YouTube channels that really shifted my view of reality is the Next Level Soul Podcast with Alex Ferrari. Some interviews I especially recommend: Other interviews on the same topics: Related: there’s a great channel teaching Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah) by Rabbi Simon Jacobson. The all-caps in the video titles are amusingly clickbaity:

  • Whitney Webb’s World

    If you really want to dig into the details of the creepy nexus of intelligence agencies, sexual blackmail, financial crimes, and “world policing”, Whitney Webb is the one to read. I’m watching this interview with her now. Update: this interview by Mark Moss is also excellent. She’s a bit like the anti-David Icke in that […]

  • Job Search and How-To Blog Guide

    One more post for today about where I’m at right now and what I intend to post about later this week or next week. I’ve been tidying up my blog partly because I’m reaching out to my colleagues and friends for leads on a new job, mostly through my LinkedIn page, but also applying through […]

  • “Twitterers Anonymous”

    I won’t lie: deleting the Twitter account that I’d had since 2009, because of Elon Musk’s behavior and the clear ideological direction that he’s steering the platform, has been like coming down off of some strange drug, hence the title of this post, and why I’ve been posting so much to my blog these past […]

  • Let’s Create Differences!

    One more post to fill up the front page with content from my brain from my now-deleted Twitter account. I posted earlier about how none of us are “special” in some cosmic way where we get to do whatever we want and not care about fulfilling any sort of purpose or meaning in life. I […]

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