Category: RISC OS

  • Guru Meditation

    I spent several hours today in silent meditation, although I haven’t been able to clear my mind for even the span of a single breath. On the plus side, I discovered that I’m able to sit cross-legged with a straight posture for extended periods of time. The original Amiga OS had a unique crash screen […]

  • More RISC OS Fun

    I’m feeling good about my progress on upgrading the RISC OS SMB file sharing client to support SMB2 and to fix the bugs I’ve found in SMB1, so I emailed RISC OS Open Limited (ROOL) tonight to tell them about my intention to claim the “More recent LanManFS protocols” bounty. I told them that I’m […]

  • Building a RISC OS ROM

    As I explained in a previous post, the SMB file sharing protocol originally created by IBM and popularized by Microsoft Windows is now an industry standard, including the SMB 2 and 3 extensions released with Windows Vista and later versions. Over the past few years, support for the original SMB 1 protocol has been removed […]

  • Windows File Sharing

    Upgrading the SMB file and printer sharing client for RISC OS to support the newer SMB 2.x protocol is a real flashback to the 1990s, but not in a way that makes me nostalgic. My first task is to remove the ancient support for NetBIOS Frames (NBF), more commonly called “NetBEUI”, and add support for […]

  • Low-Level RISC OS

    Ok, enough blah blah spirituality, yada yada enlightenment, let’s talk about retrocomputing for a post or two. Let’s call this hobby “Legacy System: the home game”. Today I stumbled upon a copy of RUN Magazine from Oct 1986 that I’d bought as a 9-year-old kid, shortly after I got my Commodore Plus/4 as a Christmas […]

  • What About RISC OS?

    One more OS that I feel compelled to write about today: RISC OS. I’ve been feeling a compulsion to take the time to write a lot of posts: so that first-time visitors to my site will have material to read, but also because I’ve realized that I wasted so much time posting my half-baked thoughts […]