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  • Guru Meditation

    I spent several hours today in silent meditation, although I haven’t been able to clear my mind for even the span of a single breath. On the plus side, I discovered that I’m able to sit cross-legged with a straight posture for extended periods of time. The original Amiga OS had a unique crash screen […]

  • Fun Facts About AROS

    Before I got sidetracked by writing dozens of posts about the things I’d been posting to Twitter before I deleted my Twitter account because of Elon Musk, I was really excited about my plan to port AROS, the open-source clone of AmigaOS, to run on QEMU’s Mac Quadra 800 emulation, as a stepping-stone to running […]

  • Too Many Hobby Projects on GitHub

    I started this blog mostly to rant about how cryptocurrency is a scam and a fraud. I think I can now safely bask in the correctness of everything I’ve written on that subject. “Crypto” was and is entirely a scam and a fraud, and more people are waking up to the scope and scale of […]

  • AROS for Mac

    AROS for Mac

    I’m hoping to make some progress this weekend on my AROS (AmigaOS) clone for QEMU’s Mac Quadra 800, which apparently runs too quickly to boot a normal Mac Toolbox ROM? I mean, that’s my theory because I don’t care to run 68k MacOS, but it would be a testament to Apple’s poor software quality control […]

  • The Soul of The Amiga

    I’ve been fascinated by computers ever since I was a little kid, as with many of my generation, the first to have the opportunity to own their own computers that we could write software for. There was a lot of brand loyalty, mostly because different brands weren’t compatible with each others’ software (until IBM PC […]

  • Running Amiga Apps on a 68k Mac?

    I just started working on a retrocomputing project that I find highly interesting, and I’m confident I’ll be able to complete it. There’s an open source clone of AmigaOS called AROS, which has been ported to several CPU architectures beyond the Motorola 680×0 line, including PowerPC, 32-bit and 64-bit Intel x86, and 32-bit ARM (little-endian […]

  • Status of My Amiga 4000 Emulator Project

    This post is mostly links to Twitter threads where I wrote about the progress of my new Amiga 4000 emulator (work in progress), along with an introduction.