Category: Philosophy

  • Channeled Yogic Wisdom

    I’ve been watching a lot of mystical videos on YouTube to help me get past my fears and to better understand the spiritual evolution that’s happening all over the world as humanity as a whole evolves to a higher level of consciousness. Alex Ferrari’s Next Level Soul podcast has introduced me to dozens of people […]

  • “Next Level” Reality

    One of the YouTube channels that really shifted my view of reality is the Next Level Soul Podcast with Alex Ferrari. Some interviews I especially recommend: Other interviews on the same topics: Related: there’s a great channel teaching Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah) by Rabbi Simon Jacobson. The all-caps in the video titles are amusingly clickbaity:

  • Let’s Create Differences!

    One more post to fill up the front page with content from my brain from my now-deleted Twitter account. I posted earlier about how none of us are “special” in some cosmic way where we get to do whatever we want and not care about fulfilling any sort of purpose or meaning in life. I […]