Category: Sociopathy

  • Upcoming Posts

    I have an outline for an upcoming post about an extremely unpleasant topic: powerful people, including former U.S. Presidents, who are alleged to have molested prepubescent children, but those allegations have been swept under the rug as “conspiracy theories”, basically to protect the office of the President. Nobody would care about Gerald Ford’s reputation if […]

  • Sociopaths in Tech

    I’m trying to finish up my posts on the darkness in the world and transition to writing more about retrocomputing projects. Also, in a few weeks I should have something fun to announce related to KaiOS. But there’s one last core of darkness that damaged me the most, and that is sociopathy in Silicon Valley. […]

  • Powerful Sociopaths

    I’m rereading The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout to gain greater insight into what’s wrong with the world, and decided to write a post emphasizing that the “de facto Satanists” of my last post are, in a word, sociopaths. There are some dark, dark memoirs of nearly unbelievable abuse perpetrated by well-known politicians, entertainers, […]