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  • Channeled Yogic Wisdom

    I’ve been watching a lot of mystical videos on YouTube to help me get past my fears and to better understand the spiritual evolution that’s happening all over the world as humanity as a whole evolves to a higher level of consciousness. Alex Ferrari’s Next Level Soul podcast has introduced me to dozens of people […]

  • Guru Yogananda

    Guru Yogananda

    Yesterday I read Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi for the first time. This is the book that Steve Jobs first read as a teenager at Reed College, then read multiple times in India while sick with dysentery (he’d traveled there seeking enlightenment), and then he reread the book every year since, at least according […]

  • Psychic Medical Advice

    It should go without saying that self-proclaimed psychics shouldn’t be your primary source of medical advice. Unfortunately, many people have an aversion to medical doctors and search for answers that put themselves in control, such as fad diets and homeopathy. My dad was really big into the New Age and psychic phenomena, and I’ve come […]