Category: Neuroscience

  • Reclaiming Your Self

    I mentioned Lee Harris in my last post, and I wanted to share a few more video links with some of his (non-channeled) therapeutic wisdom that really helped me deal with some challenges I’ve been facing in my own life this year. I wrote in an earlier post, while I was deep diving into the […]

  • Channeled Yogic Wisdom

    I’ve been watching a lot of mystical videos on YouTube to help me get past my fears and to better understand the spiritual evolution that’s happening all over the world as humanity as a whole evolves to a higher level of consciousness. Alex Ferrari’s Next Level Soul podcast has introduced me to dozens of people […]

  • Guru Yogananda

    Guru Yogananda

    Yesterday I read Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi for the first time. This is the book that Steve Jobs first read as a teenager at Reed College, then read multiple times in India while sick with dysentery (he’d traveled there seeking enlightenment), and then he reread the book every year since, at least according […]

  • Being Fully Conscious

    This interview with Dr. John Demartini is amazing. He’s integrated neurological findings with the mystical ones, and has some really practical insights for how to take control of your amygdala and your emotions and manifest your deep goals. And if you’re looking for something even more in the spiritual domain, Alex Ferrari interviewing Grandmaster Wolf […]

  • “Next Level” Reality

    One of the YouTube channels that really shifted my view of reality is the Next Level Soul Podcast with Alex Ferrari. Some interviews I especially recommend: Other interviews on the same topics: Related: there’s a great channel teaching Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah) by Rabbi Simon Jacobson. The all-caps in the video titles are amusingly clickbaity:

  • You’re Not Special

    The title of this post is my new motto: you’re not special, I’m not special, none of us are special. It sounds depressing, but it’s actually quite liberating. So many of our problems and neuroses come from thinking that we must do one thing or another because we have some special role to play in […]

  • Upcoming Posts

    I have an outline for an upcoming post about an extremely unpleasant topic: powerful people, including former U.S. Presidents, who are alleged to have molested prepubescent children, but those allegations have been swept under the rug as “conspiracy theories”, basically to protect the office of the President. Nobody would care about Gerald Ford’s reputation if […]

  • Sociopaths in Tech

    I’m trying to finish up my posts on the darkness in the world and transition to writing more about retrocomputing projects. Also, in a few weeks I should have something fun to announce related to KaiOS. But there’s one last core of darkness that damaged me the most, and that is sociopathy in Silicon Valley. […]

  • Powerful Sociopaths

    I’m rereading The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout to gain greater insight into what’s wrong with the world, and decided to write a post emphasizing that the “de facto Satanists” of my last post are, in a word, sociopaths. There are some dark, dark memoirs of nearly unbelievable abuse perpetrated by well-known politicians, entertainers, […]

  • Psychic Medical Advice

    It should go without saying that self-proclaimed psychics shouldn’t be your primary source of medical advice. Unfortunately, many people have an aversion to medical doctors and search for answers that put themselves in control, such as fad diets and homeopathy. My dad was really big into the New Age and psychic phenomena, and I’ve come […]