Category: KaiOS

  • KaiOS Needs Apps

    KaiOS’s app store is really empty right now. I can play Internet radio stations in the background, read the Qur’an, scan QR codes, and play some terrible games. I can search the Internet and browse the Web using the D-pad to move a cursor around, and use the most limited mobile web versions of Google […]

  • Writing KaiOS 3.1 Apps

    Well, I successfully pushed my first test app to my new $20 Nokia 2760 Flip phone using the KaiOS App Store submission portal. The app is just the sample To-Do app from GitHub (next-sample-vanilla) with the app name changed and with my name and URL added as the developer (otherwise, the portal won’t accept the […]

  • Nokia 2760 Flip Review (TracFone, KaiOS 3.1)

    My spooky “pulling technology from the near future” strategy has been paying off so far, as the $20 Nokia 2760 Flip phone with KaiOS that I’d been curious about is exactly what I need for the app I have in mind, which I won’t tell you. Here’s a single clue: the app I’m building isn’t […]