Category: Mobile Phones

  • KaiOS Needs Apps

    KaiOS’s app store is really empty right now. I can play Internet radio stations in the background, read the Qur’an, scan QR codes, and play some terrible games. I can search the Internet and browse the Web using the D-pad to move a cursor around, and use the most limited mobile web versions of Google […]

  • Writing KaiOS 3.1 Apps

    Well, I successfully pushed my first test app to my new $20 Nokia 2760 Flip phone using the KaiOS App Store submission portal. The app is just the sample To-Do app from GitHub (next-sample-vanilla) with the app name changed and with my name and URL added as the developer (otherwise, the portal won’t accept the […]

  • Phones at Burning Man?

    I was curious what the status of connectivity was at the annual Burning Man event these days, which has long been too elitist for me to care about. This was in the context of wondering whether they were still operating that 2G GSM pirate cell network that was going on from around 2010 to 2013 […]

  • Nokia 2760 Flip Review (TracFone, KaiOS 3.1)

    My spooky “pulling technology from the near future” strategy has been paying off so far, as the $20 Nokia 2760 Flip phone with KaiOS that I’d been curious about is exactly what I need for the app I have in mind, which I won’t tell you. Here’s a single clue: the app I’m building isn’t […]

  • KaiOS Apps!

    As I mentioned briefly, some posts ago, I gave up on working on VR for Meta as a contractor, not because of anything they were doing wrong, but because I completely lost interest in what Meta is doing and in the potential right now for their flavor of VR. I think I don’t need to […]