Category: Mass Media

  • 5th Generation Warfare

    Mark Moss’s YouTube channel is about 20% kooky stuff and 80% interesting actual conspiracies. Dr. Robert Malone has some smug climate change denial comments and is known now for vaccine skepticism, but the 5th Generation Warfare (5GW) and how the military and intelligence agencies think is spot on. I’m trying to figure out how Dr. […]

  • Technocratic Occultocracy

    The title of this post is a term that conspiracy theorist Mark Passio, of the What on Earth Is Happening podcast, uses to describe the world system that we all live under, “technocratic occultocracy.” Typically, our soulless consumer capitalist system is described as moving towards a technocracy, but Passio points to a deeper Evil (with […]

  • The Streetcar Conspiracy

    I’m finishing my rereading of Dark Ages America, and I won’t lie to you all: it’s depressing as hell to think about the inevitable continued decline and fall of North American (I’m including Canadians in this mess, too) civilization due to rampant individualism and corporate consumerism. America’s car culture is such a core piece of […]

  • The Device Paradigm

    The title of this post comes from a book I’m rereading, Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of Empire by Morris Berman. Most of my e-books are on Kindle, but during the years when I worked at Google, I started buying from the Google Play store, which means I have two different digital libraries. Sadly, […]

  • Disney Mind Control

    As you may have guessed from previous posts such as my tongue-in-cheek imaginary dialogue between two Japanese “Imagineers” working on Disney mind control (apologies for any grammatical errors in the Japanese, particularly with the pronouns, which I didn’t proofread thoroughly in the machine translation), I’m fascinated with the evils of corporate entertainment’s technological manipulation of […]

  • Analog AM Radio Woes

    Ever since I deleted my Twitter account, due to the fact that Elon Musk is quite literally a Nazi (except that he can’t speak German), I have a lot more time to think about the world and my place in it, but I still need to feed my addiction to news. I’ve started reading the […]