Category: Mainframes

  • OpenVMS vs. z/OS

    Finally, I’m in the mood to post about something tech-related. Did you know that OpenVMS, the OS formerly known as VAX/VMS, has recently been ported to run on x86 servers? That’s quite an interesting development, considering that VMS previously ran on DEC Alpha and Intel Itanium, two obsolete CPUs to which it was ported from […]

  • The Daemons of UNIX

    I’ve mentioned the writings of conspiracy theorist author Fritz Springmeier in previous posts, particularly his books from the 1990s about “Illuminati Total Mind Control” and the “13 Satanic Bloodlines” (really shoddy work there to try to force there be exactly 13 surnames in the conspiracy, including, of course, the Rothschilds, as well as “the Li […]

  • Mainframes Make Money

    A summary of my adventures so far teaching myself all about the magical world of mainframes.

  • Coming Up: Amiga to IBM Z

    I have a few more posts to write about the current Bitcoin and cryptocurrency situation, but first I want to write about a few topics that are dearer to my heart: retrocomputing and the hybrid of old and new that is IBM Z, an architecture that’s backwards compatible with software written for the original System/360, […]