Category: Satanism

  • The Satanists Of Yonkers

    Here’s the thing: I don’t want there to have been real Satanic cults doing drugs and human sacrifices and sexually abusing kids in secret group rituals. But apparently all of that really did exist, and maybe these cults are still around, and the “mainstream” just doesn’t want to speak about it, and lumps it all […]

  • Technocratic Occultocracy

    The title of this post is a term that conspiracy theorist Mark Passio, of the What on Earth Is Happening podcast, uses to describe the world system that we all live under, “technocratic occultocracy.” Typically, our soulless consumer capitalist system is described as moving towards a technocracy, but Passio points to a deeper Evil (with […]

  • Disney Mind Control

    As you may have guessed from previous posts such as my tongue-in-cheek imaginary dialogue between two Japanese “Imagineers” working on Disney mind control (apologies for any grammatical errors in the Japanese, particularly with the pronouns, which I didn’t proofread thoroughly in the machine translation), I’m fascinated with the evils of corporate entertainment’s technological manipulation of […]

  • The Dark Side of Christian History

    I’m rereading chapters from a book I bought 20 years ago, while researching the whole “mind control” / “dark occult” sphere, The Dark Side of Christian History by Helen Ellerbe. Link is to an article by the same author about, specifically, the Inquisition aspect of Christian authoritarian mind control. There’s a subtlety that’s lost on […]

  • The Daemons of UNIX

    I’ve mentioned the writings of conspiracy theorist author Fritz Springmeier in previous posts, particularly his books from the 1990s about “Illuminati Total Mind Control” and the “13 Satanic Bloodlines” (really shoddy work there to try to force there be exactly 13 surnames in the conspiracy, including, of course, the Rothschilds, as well as “the Li […]

  • Conscious Reality

    I highly recommend this 3 hour interview with a brilliant cognitive scientist, David Hoffman, on his theories and papers arguing that consciousness is the fundamental nature of reality, not space-time. Update: Here’s another 100 minutes of Donald Hoffman and the mathematics of universal consciousness. And if you want more “good vs. evil”, here’s a testimony […]