Category: Mind Control

  • 5th Generation Warfare

    Mark Moss’s YouTube channel is about 20% kooky stuff and 80% interesting actual conspiracies. Dr. Robert Malone has some smug climate change denial comments and is known now for vaccine skepticism, but the 5th Generation Warfare (5GW) and how the military and intelligence agencies think is spot on. I’m trying to figure out how Dr. […]

  • Too Many Hobby Projects on GitHub

    I started this blog mostly to rant about how cryptocurrency is a scam and a fraud. I think I can now safely bask in the correctness of everything I’ve written on that subject. “Crypto” was and is entirely a scam and a fraud, and more people are waking up to the scope and scale of […]

  • Shapeshifting Reptilians!

    I wasn’t going to post today about conspiracy theories, but I wanted to share a recommendation I got in my email for an academic paper titled: Hidden Knowledge, Hidden Power. Esotericism and Conspiracy Culture (Contemporary Esotericism, Equinox 2013) The paper talks about the esoteric worldview of the conspiracy theorists who’ve built an entire fact-fiction reversal […]

  • Staying Alive

    One interesting aspect of my current blog is that I’m hosting it myself, on a Raspberry Pi 400 at my apartment. That means that if I were to die, my blog would shut down at some point, as nobody else knows the passwords. That’s a good motivation for me to stay alive, like the song. […]

  • Upcoming Posts

    I have an outline for an upcoming post about an extremely unpleasant topic: powerful people, including former U.S. Presidents, who are alleged to have molested prepubescent children, but those allegations have been swept under the rug as “conspiracy theories”, basically to protect the office of the President. Nobody would care about Gerald Ford’s reputation if […]

  • Positive Energy

    It has been difficult for me to find the strength to move forward in the world after seeing first- and second-hand just how evil humans can be. I’m also dealing with a lot of “FNE”: Fear of Negative Evaluations. When you’ve had the misfortune of working for various sociopaths over the years, as I have, […]

  • Sociopaths in Tech

    I’m trying to finish up my posts on the darkness in the world and transition to writing more about retrocomputing projects. Also, in a few weeks I should have something fun to announce related to KaiOS. But there’s one last core of darkness that damaged me the most, and that is sociopathy in Silicon Valley. […]

  • Powerful Sociopaths

    I’m rereading The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout to gain greater insight into what’s wrong with the world, and decided to write a post emphasizing that the “de facto Satanists” of my last post are, in a word, sociopaths. There are some dark, dark memoirs of nearly unbelievable abuse perpetrated by well-known politicians, entertainers, […]

  • Technocratic Occultocracy

    The title of this post is a term that conspiracy theorist Mark Passio, of the What on Earth Is Happening podcast, uses to describe the world system that we all live under, “technocratic occultocracy.” Typically, our soulless consumer capitalist system is described as moving towards a technocracy, but Passio points to a deeper Evil (with […]

  • The Device Paradigm

    The title of this post comes from a book I’m rereading, Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of Empire by Morris Berman. Most of my e-books are on Kindle, but during the years when I worked at Google, I started buying from the Google Play store, which means I have two different digital libraries. Sadly, […]