Hello, Thriends!

I’ve spent too much time with my Threads account now that there’s a web client. I have some time in between finalizing one of several potential C++ embedded app development contracts that I’m eager to get started immediately working for.

It’s expensive to pay up-front to get the good deal on the AppleCare+ plan when you buy a new iPhone 15 Plus at a Verizon store, which is probably where I’m going to end up going to set up a new account, if only because I know they have the best and most reliable LTE/5G coverage and I can pay off the iPhone over the longest interval.

I just rebooted the Raspberry Pi 400 that’s hosting the Web server you’re likely reading this on, and basically the first paycheck that I get from this new contract is going to go towards getting the iPhone that I mentioned and also I need to buy a “high endurance” microSD card for it (the Raspberry Pi 400, not the new iPhone), of the type sold for dash cams and other continuous record video cams. The CPU is fast but between Apache logs and mysqld table commits and its logs and the email server and everything else, I’m guessing that even with ext4 journaling, the writes add up.

I’m going to go through the IBM Z Xplore self-paced z/OS mainframe tutorials, just for fun. Since I’m using a Windows 11 client, switching between remote Windows desktops with a preconfigured IBM 3270 terminal client and the “real” desktop won’t be as jarring as on Mac or Linux.







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