Reclaiming Your Self

I mentioned Lee Harris in my last post, and I wanted to share a few more video links with some of his (non-channeled) therapeutic wisdom that really helped me deal with some challenges I’ve been facing in my own life this year.

I wrote in an earlier post, while I was deep diving into the murky waters of horrific trauma-based mind control experiments (MKULTRA, etc.) and their links to the paranormal, that it’s a strange feeling having absorbed so much history that’s been rejected and stigmatized by “official history”, to the point where I felt like Rupert Giles from the Buffy TV series, or perhaps Willow (since I was finding my info on the Internet, which was a new innovation during the TV series).

Watching so many mystical interviews has given me a new perspective, but now I feel a bit like a shaman who can’t share his wisdom with 99% of the world because they’re not spiritually advanced enough to be open to the messages. That’s not a judgment on humanity, but on the mental programming that we’ve received, a prison that 99% of us have not been able to free ourselves from.

How do we open ourselves to the metaphysical without turning into laughingstocks like David “Shapeshifting Reptilians” Icke? For starters, I don’t think Icke is 100% wrong about lower vibrational frequencies and the crimes of the dark occult. The problem is that he’s now imprisoned not by the “reptilians” but by his own egoic demands that he has the one true theory and everyone else is deceived in some way or another.

Another conspiracy theorist I’ve read, Robin de Ruiter, claims in his books to have uncovered the entire Truth (unlike everyone else), and is convinced that the Catholic Church is the true church, and all of their historical crimes were exaggerated or lies. De Ruiter claims that the Catholic Church has the lowest rate of sexual abuse of all the religions (so that makes their coverup okay?), and also that there’s something sinister about the metric system because it’s trying to circumscribe the material plane, or something to that effect.

Yet another conspiracy theorist, Fritz Springmeier, is a devout evangelical Christian who agrees with de Ruiter on the various Evil organizations, except that he adds the Catholic Church and anything remotely “occult” to the Evil pile. All three of the men I’ve mentioned were born in the early 1950’s. There’s something about all three of their worldviews that’s tied to that generation.

I’m of the same generation as Alex Ferrari, so I’ve really resonated with his spiritual journey and the guests he’s had on his podcast, all of whom have helped to lift me out of the darkness of those who wallow in the most evil deeds and plans of mankind, without necessarily providing answers.

I was most disappointed by David Icke’s recent book The Trap, because, after rehashing his autobiography and the basics of the conspiracy theories of his previous books, he spends seemingly hundreds of pages in hurtful rants against transgender people and claiming that the germ theory of disease is wrong, that you can heal any disease with mind alone, but that you should reject vaccines because “the jab” is all an evil depopulation / mind control plot, poisonous by design, of a type you can’t heal using your mind. Does that make any sense?

Don’t get me started on the bizarre “pure blood” movement that’s causing people to reject blood transfusions from vaccinated donors and to even start dating sites to hook up with other kooks who want to “keep the bloodline pure”, which is such a disgusting Nazi-esque phrase that it makes my blood boil.

We’re definitely going through a major global leveling-up as a species and a planet, and those conspiracy theorists who cling to the need for an enemy to fight, whether it’s Satanists, “reptilians”, the New Age, occultists, Catholics, capitalists, Marxists, “Western” medicine, or any other dichotomy of “Us vs. Them” are starting to look extremely old-fashioned and tired to me. Were they so mind-controlled by the Cold War that they need an Other with a capital O to war with, even though it’s leading them astray from the cause of uplifting humanity? I believe so.

Thankfully, I’ve come to understand that my own life’s purpose is going to be one of connecting and healing and uplifting and bringing joy to people, not spreading divisiveness and Fear of a supernatural other that is quite weak.







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