The Anti-Trans Panic

One thing that really irritates me about the “freedom movement” (conspiracy theorists) is that they really hate the acceptance of transgender people. They think it’s part of the “globalist” “social engineering” “agenda”, as opposed to the general public catching up to what biology has known for many decades, that gender isn’t black and white.

Gender Spectrum: A Scientist Explains Why Gender Isn’t Binary

I’ve noticed that all of the “conspirituality” folks who bring this up are white. It’s because they’re being manipulated by a white supremacist ideology. They’re anti-trans because they’re racists. I’m guessing their climate change denial is also tied into their racism. There’s probably a racist element to their Bitcoin love.

The Anti-Trans Panic Is Rooted in White Supremacist Ideology

Of course by saying this I’m now an “extreme leftist” and probably a “utilitarian Marxist” if not a shapeshifting reptilian. Can you tell I’m fed up with hateful lies? This post was motivated by the comments in this YouTube interview with Stephan A. Schwartz calling him an “extreme leftist”, which is exactly what an “extreme rightist” would say!







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