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If you really want to dig into the details of the creepy nexus of intelligence agencies, sexual blackmail, financial crimes, and “world policing”, Whitney Webb is the one to read. I’m watching this interview with her now.

Update: this interview by Mark Moss is also excellent.

She’s a bit like the anti-David Icke in that all of her research points at all-too-human villains and not shapeshifting reptilians from the lower 4th dimension, and she’s working from reputable sources. The mainstream media ignores her just as much as they ignore Icke, or Noam Chomsky for that matter.

Update: These two recent posts supplement what’s in her two-volume book.

I need a bingo card for all the true intelligence conspiracy theories:

It’s fascinating that the interviewer is focused on how all of these powerful shadowy figures hate Donald Trump, therefore he’s somehow good? Trump’s definitely independent from “the globalists”, but he’s corrupt in so many obvious ways. The “enemy of my enemy would be a good POTUS” theory is a bit kooky, oh, and also these people are pro-cryptocurrency and scared of the mRNA vaccines, so Trump gets points subtracted for “Operation Warp Speed”.

Whitney Webb points out that Donald Trump doesn’t know how to fix the problems, because the whole system is rotten, and people have to start taking responsibility for their own lives and communities, independent of multinational corporations and foreign powers that the USA is in debt to. Also, Whitney Webb agrees with me on the importance of limiting or deleting our social media.

The 2024 election will be strange. I have no prediction for even the primaries.







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