Too Many Hobby Projects on GitHub

I started this blog mostly to rant about how cryptocurrency is a scam and a fraud. I think I can now safely bask in the correctness of everything I’ve written on that subject. “Crypto” was and is entirely a scam and a fraud, and more people are waking up to the scope and scale of the swindle, as it all slowly collapses.

More recently, I’ve posted on topics that I’d previously been researching and writing about on my now-deleted Twitter page, many of them relating to dark, twisted, and psychopathic crimes that powerful people may or may not have committed in the name of “mind control”, “national security”, Satan and/or Nazi ideology. We’ll see how correct I was about those suspicions in a few years’ time. As with the cryptocurrency rants, I have only a limited number of things to say.

Mostly I want to post here on the fun side of technology, not the dark side of humanity, and also I realized that I should probably organize my thoughts related to the “too many hobby projects” that I have going on on my GitHub page.

So here’s a very quick listing of the top projects on my to-do list as of May 2023:

  • AROS – I haven’t committed to this repo yet, but I have on my Linux PC the beginnings of a Mac Quadra 800 port (specifically, QEMU’s partial emulation of that system). My cunning plan is to first get AROS running the same binaries as the Amiga, except without emulating the custom chips, and then, if I succeed at that, I plan to port to Stefany Allaire’s A2560K-040V, which is a really nice-looking piece of gear that I plan to buy as soon as possible. This will be my primary hobby project for the next 4-6 months, at least.
  • bashcpp – Porting GNU bash to C++, rather than the terrible old version of C that it’s currently written in. This sprang from my attempt to clean up the OpenVMS port of bash, which needs a lot of hacks to run at all, due to the lack of fork(). It doesn’t run yet, unfortunately.
  • cmatrix – This was a silly hack to do a Matrix-like screensaver for the DEC VT320, which has a downloadable font feature.
  • vms-regina – Updated port of the Regina REXX interpreter for modern versions of OpenVMS. I’ll be reviving all of my VMS projects for the x86 port once I have time to bring all of my VMS knowledge back into my head.

I’ve also done some work on NetBSD and Linux for DEC Alpha, Commodore Amiga, and PowerMac, and have some repos related to that.




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