Let’s Create Differences!

One more post to fill up the front page with content from my brain from my now-deleted Twitter account. I posted earlier about how none of us are “special” in some cosmic way where we get to do whatever we want and not care about fulfilling any sort of purpose or meaning in life.

I wanted to clarify that the positive, and negative, side of this is that we’re entirely composed of the differences that we make in the world. We are the meaning that we make out of the chaos of the universe.

The awkward title of this post conveys what I mean: every day we create differences in the world, and those differences, summed up, are the meanings of our individual lives. That’s a humbling thought, but it’s why I’ve been so fired up against distractions that take up too much of our time on earth that prevent us as individuals from making meaningful, and hopefully positive, changes in the world.

Update: I just realized that I have neglected something very important in my little philosophical pep talk. There’s a very real fear and anxiety that we have to confront when we put ourselves out there in the world, and that’s the fear of a negative evaluation from others.

Sometimes that negative evaluation is warranted, and other times it isn’t. Either way, it’s not pleasant. Negative reviews can be devastating, especially if they come from someone whose opinion you respect. It takes a real courage to work past that. I think that’s what the “New Age” philosophies miss in their claim that you can wish your way to happiness without effort.







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