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One more post for today about where I’m at right now and what I intend to post about later this week or next week.

I’ve been tidying up my blog partly because I’m reaching out to my colleagues and friends for leads on a new job, mostly through my LinkedIn page, but also applying through the usual job boards. Thank goodness there are lots of fascinating open developer positions here in Los Angeles, as well as remote jobs, of course. I’m open to just about anything except for weapons, gambling, or anything that I think is manipulative or dishonest.

I need to fix up the “2023” WordPress theme that I recently switched over to. I apologize that the headers and footers aren’t what I had before. I’m more curious to see how well the Raspberry Pi 400 running 64-bit Ubuntu 22.04 LTS handles the load. The microSD card is definitely a bottleneck, especially for system updates. Why is “linux-firmware” one gigantic package? It’s a bit ridiculous.

When I have time to do some research into how I set up my own server, I’ll post about it. I needed to do a few things to get the Let’s Encrypt certificate for HTTPS, as well as set up my GoDaddy DNS account so that both IPv4 and IPv6 work. That will probably look good to talk about in interviews.

Email is interesting because it’s impossible to send outbound email, except through a proxy like Google. Port 25 is simply blocked, and my AT&T fiber account is completely open, otherwise. The level of spam was so high that the entire port got blocked. (I wish that would happen for the Bitcoin client RPC port, just to slightly impede and maybe collapse that tower of cards, but that’s very unlikely.)

Inbound email works, but you can only send through a proxy. I remember there’s some work to set up the certificate. Then WordPress itself, and the MySQL database. It took me maybe 4 or 5 hours, all in all. I just have to remember all the steps. If only I’d blogged about it as I was setting it up! At least now I’ll be able to describe the important parts, because I’ll have forgotten them.

I’ll post my thoughts about KaiOS development vs. the actual reality of writing feature phone apps circa 2005 tomorrow as well. Spoiler: we’re vastly, vastly luckier than having to deal with the days of BREW and MIDlets. Also, I intend to go on a rant about the horror and hell that was Symbian Series 60‘s C++ API. One of the selling points of KaiOS is that it doesn’t support native apps, but it can run C++ code, via WebAssembly. What I wouldn’t have given to have had that in 2005!






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