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I have an outline for an upcoming post about an extremely unpleasant topic: powerful people, including former U.S. Presidents, who are alleged to have molested prepubescent children, but those allegations have been swept under the rug as “conspiracy theories”, basically to protect the office of the President. Nobody would care about Gerald Ford’s reputation if he hadn’t become the unelected Vice President and then the unelected President of the USA.

George H. W. Bush is an even more egregious example, because after reading Cathy O’Brien and Brice Taylor (Susan Ford)’s memoirs, and trying my best to either confirm or debunk them, well, obviously, there’s no forensic evidence or video footage to confirm what either Ford or Bush did in private, but there’s no evidence proving O’Brien and Taylor to be lying, either. Update: this general topic is called, among other names, VIPaedophile.

For all the talk of Bush being a “wimp President”, nobody outside of the “conspiracy theorists” has connected this near-universal impression to the possibility that Bush was the sort of man who wasn’t sexually attracted to other adults, of any gender. Cathy O’Brien claims that Bush intentionally talked like Mr. Rogers to get children, and the American people, to trust him, so that he could take advantage of them. Bush Sr. was a mean, mean man, as you can tell from the racist way he kicked off the Drug War with his fake crack buy. Bush is also alleged to have been a cocaine addict himself, along with many American politicians of both parties.

Update: In fairness to Bush Sr., shortly before he died, at least 8 women came forward to accuse Bush of groping them in public, as a sort of joke. I don’t think this is evidence that Bush wasn’t primarily a pedophile, though, because he was doing it to show that he could get away with it, and perhaps even with the intent of spreading the impression that he was sexually attracted to adult women. I’m certain that Bush Sr. didn’t have any respect for women, or children.

There’s a lot more to unpack, but it’s such a dark and depressing topic that I wanted to give a preview, to prepare people for either diving into that darkness with me, or skipping over that post. The core of my thesis is going to be that before I was born, in 1977, the American public didn’t care about children being raped. They simply didn’t. It was even a joke: “don’t leave Sally near creepy uncle Gerald; he likes to touch kids.” Same for pedophile priests and Scoutmasters. It was just accepted that some men were this way, and the damage to the child’s psyche was never even considered. It’s not like society considered adult women to be full human beings either.

The part that gets me most angry is thinking about Bush Sr. saying things like that he didn’t think an atheist should be considered for President, or even considered to be a citizen. WTF, man? Atheists are a unique evil, but cocaine-addicted child rapists who sometimes attend Christian churches are acceptable? You can see why a true reckoning with the sex crimes of past Presidents would break Americans’ brains in two.

Update: I basically subscribe to this theory for why there’s such a connection between child abuse and the power elite: Maintaining a kakistocracy.

I’ll try to come up with some lighter, and not utterly demoralizing posts in between this one and my full discussion on the morality of self-fulfillment and how conservatives reject the proposition that children’s autonomy should be respected, and that transgender people’s rights should be respected, while excusing the worst behaviors of so-called upstanding so-called Christians.

On the bright side, the morality of self-fulfillment as described in Soul, Self, and Society by Edward L. Rubin does respect the autonomy and rights of children and LGBTQ+ people, because we understand that choosing one’s own life path and one’s own path to self-fulfillment is a human right, even for children.

Update 2: Of course child trafficking and pedophiles are still around, and the crime is worse than ever. It’s so dark that people don’t even want to protest it.

There’s also a theory that there’s a link between pedophiles and the spy world because pedophiles had to compartmentalize their secret lives and could therefore perhaps keep the secrets of the government more easily.

Update 3: Whitney Webb knows the most about this creepy nexus, by far.




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