Staying Alive

One interesting aspect of my current blog is that I’m hosting it myself, on a Raspberry Pi 400 at my apartment. That means that if I were to die, my blog would shut down at some point, as nobody else knows the passwords. That’s a good motivation for me to stay alive, like the song.

I won’t lie: it’s been an incredibly dark and disturbing experience to journey into the horrors of 20th-century mind control, much less the 21st-century variety. With the world being run by psychopaths, it’s easy to feel like just giving up.

I have to choose to believe that there’s a future for me, and a future for humanity, because what other choice do I have? The only good thing that has come from my discovering that Cathy O’Brien‘s memoir is a true story (I’d known about her for 20 years, but had convinced myself that it was just too incredible to have happened) is the feeling of knowing that I’ve found a hidden truth, even if the implications are too disturbing for the masses to learn about.

FWIW, I don’t believe in many of the conspiracy theories on the Wikispooks site that I’ve linked to. I don’t think 5G is a conspiracy. I’m pretty sure that fluoride in the drinking water isn’t poisoning us. I’m certain that vaccines aren’t poisonous. I’m certain that climate change can’t be a hoax (too many honest scientists).

The only really reassuring aspect of knowing about 20th-century mind control experiments and all things related is knowing that at least 96% of people aren’t sociopaths and aren’t in any way cool with any of that stuff. They just don’t want to believe that it could have happened, due to the implications.



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