Positive Energy

It has been difficult for me to find the strength to move forward in the world after seeing first- and second-hand just how evil humans can be.

I’m also dealing with a lot of “FNE”: Fear of Negative Evaluations. When you’ve had the misfortune of working for various sociopaths over the years, as I have, it’s difficult to get one’s bearings, which leads to poor work performance, which leads to negative evaluations, which leads to fear of caring at all. The sociopathy of Twitter and Twitter’s CEO was also a major source of damage to my psyche.

If you want to talk about “mind control” in action, read a little bit about how corporations do performance evaluations. It’s worse than most cults.

I’m trying to cultivate a positive attitude towards the work I must do to get my life on track, but it’s difficult. What I’ve learned about the power hierarchy of the world has led me to see human society in a very dark light. It’s the dark side of human nature that haunts me, combined with humanity’s fear of looking directly at it or acknowledging even the possibility of its existence.



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