“The Lifestyle”

“SAN FRANCISCO—In certain wealthy tech circles it is known as “The Lifestyle,” an underground party scene featuring recreational drug use and casual sex.”

Thus starts the WSJ story titled “Before His Killing, Tech Executive Bob Lee Led an Underground Life of Sex and Drugs“.

“Libertine though it might seem, the party scene is governed by an unwritten code of conduct, said Devon Meyers, a friend of Mr. Lee who saw him a few days before he died. “There is still an understanding of consent and boundaries,” he said, adding that, if someone gets drunk and handsy, “they get excommunicated very quickly.””

When I was in college, many moons ago, “the Lifestyle” meant one or both of two things: you smoked marijuana, or you enjoyed casual sex, aka “swinging”. Thankfully, I never hung out with the extreme partying crowd in Silicon Valley when I lived there because they seem to party a little too hard. A lot too hard.

“Inside the Millennium Tower, a flier advertised a “Murder Mystery Cocktail Party: Midnight at the Masquerade,” planned for later that month. After Mr. Lee’s passing, the event was postponed to June and the theme was changed to “Diamond Heist.””







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