The Daemons of UNIX

I’ve mentioned the writings of conspiracy theorist author Fritz Springmeier in previous posts, particularly his books from the 1990s about “Illuminati Total Mind Control” and the “13 Satanic Bloodlines” (really shoddy work there to try to force there be exactly 13 surnames in the conspiracy, including, of course, the Rothschilds, as well as “the Li family”, a surname shared by 100 million people).

Besides the shoddy numerology of his “Satanic NWO” books, I wish I had serious “debunking” comments on his far more disturbing books about trauma-based mind control and secret energy weapon and nanotech weapons written in the 1990s. He only really gets software wrong, e.g. he gets really hung up on the idea that UNIX is “Satanic” because some nerds had been talking about Maxwell’s demon and thought it would be fun and edgy to name UNIX background processes “daemons”, from ancient Greek mythology. See also: Kubernetes, cybernetics, Kerberos.

It occurred to me that the big part of the “New World Order” that the conspiracy theorists of past decades got wrong in the details in, unfortunately, a somewhat irrelevant dimension, is that they paint a picture of these massive room-sized “global NWO supercomputers” sitting in Belgium in a castle somewhere near Brussels, being fed by the blood of sacrificed children, or whatever, and, you know, computers can now be quite small, and they’re powered by electricity, not blood rituals.

The Mormons do have a giant granite vault where they keep records, but not in a giant computer. On microfilm and microfiche. And yes, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Meta, Apple, and many other companies have giant building-sized computer clusters, some of them running AI and all of that actually does sound like the NWO conspiracy theories of the 1980s, doesn’t it? Sadly. But one big mammoth Illuminati mainframe maintained by priests wearing black cloaks and chanting in Latin? Probably not.

We should all be highly concerned about tech and mass manipulation. If you haven’t read (or listened to) IBM and the Holocaust by Edwin Black yet, why not? The book was first published in 2001, and I see it was republished for the 20th anniversary with new material. IBM’s role in the rounding up of Jews by using what we now call “Big Data”, and their management of logistics to maximize the efficiency of the Holocaust at the expense of even attempting to win the war they started, will change the way you think about the role of IBM in the world we live in, as well as of tech in general.

Most relevant to my point about tech not needing to be impressive in a sci-fi movie sense to be malevolent is that the Nazis used IBM punch card tabulating equipment to automate and manage the Final Solution. The sorting and tabulating logic for those machines was wired onto plugboards, with insulated wires plugged into various positions to indicate which operations to perform. This is before software-programmable computers such as ENIAC (1945) and IBM’s later System/360 (1964).



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