Is Bitcoin Mining Suppressing Remote Viewers?

Along the lines of my previous post wondering whether all of that worldwide 217-Hz 2G GSM interference we’ve been subjecting our brains and minds to for several decades were an intentional plan to suppress humanity’s potential for psychic phenomena such as remote viewing and telepathy, here’s a new hypothesis (by me).

In 2021 and 2022, I posted a series of polemics against cryptocurrency which break down into two main categories. First, I think the entire concept is a scheme and a scam to replace an evil, vampirical form of capitalism with… the exact same system but using massively more electricity. It’s the massive amount of wasted electricity I want to talk about here, and not the financial aspects.

For those who’ve been somehow able to remain blissfully ignorant of how the Bitcoin scam works, it’s an extremely inefficient way to send tokens around that are supposed to represent money, on a shared database where it costs massive amounts of electricity to prove, in an artificial race where the winner of each round wins a small quantity of these tokens, and because of human greed, these very expensive “receipts proving that vast quantities of electricity were expended in the past to move them around after they were created out of nothing by the rules of a game made up by someone whose real-world identity isn’t even known” are worth absurd amounts of the “fiat money” these people claim to despise.

To me, worshiping these tokens and hoarding them in order to hope to exchange them for greater and greater quantities of the hated “fiat money” or, ideally, in their minds, for goods and services, is even sicker than regular capitalist greed, because it’s in fact a vampirical system stuck onto the older one. The “logic” is that since there are only ever going to be 21 million of these notional token counters, that they’re the true future of money because they’re provably limited and there’s this obsolete way to move them around that wastes vast quantities of electricity at a time when humanity is rationally concerned about climate change.

But think about all that entropy created by all those “mining rigs” wasting all of that electricity to create those worshipful nonces (a “nonce” is both slang for a pedophile and an arbitrary number used in cryptography to make things more random, or in the case of Bitcoin, to win a made-up game of who can come up with a sufficiently special nonce which gives you control within the game to move other nonces around).

Previously, I only thought it was a diabolical con that served the purposes of the fossil fuel companies and the other vampirical capitalists to keep the cost of fuel and electricity high to increase inequality and cause the poor to suffer more, for Satan, perhaps. They’re clearly not thinking of their fellow human beings when they promote Bitcoin. But now I’m wondering if the entropy itself isn’t a big problem for remote viewers trying to bring back warnings of what happens if we don’t deal with climate change, which the Bitcoin itself is accelerating.

So that’s an extra dimension of diabolicalness for you to ponder, just like I’m pondering how to make a joke about how many attempts it took me to come up with “diabolicalness” as the most “proper” way to conjugate that concept. I think the joke’s on me because I always thought the Spanish word for “unfortunately” was awkwardly long, but Spanish, like French, wins when speaking of the devil, and “diabólica” is mucho más elegante:

“Desafortunadamente, hay demasiada diabólica en el mundo.”




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