Are You a “Giles” or a “Willow”?

I’m glad that I was able to workshop a lot of ideas on Twitter that I can now turn into blog posts after deleting the rough drafts (after I realized, belatedly, that Elon Musk is a literal Nazi). After I started tweeting about Cathy O’Brien, Project Monarch, mind control, Satanic ritual abuse, and similar topics (so-called “stigmatized” or “rejected” knowledge), I figured I’ve already lost all of the followers that I was going to lose who weren’t willing to follow me down those rabbit holes. My follower count stayed roughly flat.

As I’m currently seeking my next senior software engineer position, it’s better for me to be thoughtful about the public presentations of my social persona, and the path that Twitter took, while conducive to my creativity, is not conducive to being a decent human being. Better for me to connect on LinkedIn or by email.

I’d like to keep my blog a healthy mix of my hobby interests and my political / paranormal interests, and I don’t want to bring any of the really dark “crimes against humanity” depravities that I’ve had to read about while researching multi-generational dark occult ritual traditions that thankfully aren’t part of my own family tree (that I know of). One person who wasn’t afraid to dig into this is Fritz Springmeier, and I can only say that it’s a testament to his strong Christian faith in a redemptive Creator that he didn’t break down in abject, unceasing despair at all of the things he’s written about.

It was while forcing myself to digest all of the horrific details of Springmeier and Wheeler’s The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave that I realized something about the world I’m living in that I never expected to discover, which is that not only is it more rational and logical to believe in all of this “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” stuff than not to, but I’ve now become something like the Rupert Giles character on that show. Perhaps some of you have felt the same thing, or you’ve identified with Willow, the Wiccan with the computer skills, who found out whatever Giles couldn’t find in his shelves of rare occult books.

It occurs to me now that the Buffy TV series was more allegorically true to life than I ever could have conceived at the time, in the sense that some of the villains reported by survivors, Dr. Hans Harmsen in particular, look like demons from the show. How does someone’s face get so scarred and evil-looking? But mostly it’s the feeling of knowing deep and vast and evil things about the world we live in that are being kept from the general public because they’re supernatural and also evil.

The most amusing part to me now is that I always knew that “Sunnydale” was supposed to be one of the suburbs in the San Fernando Valley, near Santa Barbara. I grew up in the San Gabriel Valley, while the other valley was the one known to the rest of the world as “the Valley”, as in “Valley girl dialect” and “Porn Valley“. But it wasn’t until rereading Brice Taylor’s memoir that I realized that “the Hellmouth”, in real life, was almost certainly centered on Woodland Hills and Agoura Hills, areas that are geographically isolated and seem somewhat bizarre even to other Los Angelenos.

I was prepared to find some way to “debunk” Thanks for the Memories using my vast knowledge of Southern California and knowing that I’d never encountered any “MKULTRA mind control” in my own life or my parents’, nor any of their friends and family, that any of us know of. Not even a rumor that any such things were going on. But when Taylor writes that her family moved out to Woodland Hills because nobody else lived there and it was very isolated, I realized that she’s absolutely correct.

You could be having Satanic rituals with human sacrifices on the land that used to be Bob Hope’s ranch in Santa Barbara County (the same county as Michael Jackson’s even more infamous “ranch”), to this day, and nobody would find out. There’s no rational reason for any families to have wanted to move out there back in the 1950s unless you specifically wanted to be very isolated.

That makes Woodland Hills and vicinity our “mind control town” akin to Muskegon, Michigan, the “mind control home town” of Cathy O’Brien and my unfortunate former coworker Dennis F. Bishop, of JPL, whose untimely death and troubled life I wrote about previously. If you plot out all of the locations Taylor mentions, including Ronald Reagan and Bob Hope’s properties, Catalina Island, and various military installations, the details all make sense.

The hospital for retired actors where Taylor worked and met with Ronald Reagan now also seems quite sinister to me. In my brain, it’s now the Motion Picture Mind Control Hospital. I’ve assumed for some months now that there must be certain “cleared” medical facilities for the people who “know too much”. Cathy O’Brien talks about this in her second book as far as the “men in suits” having to scare all the medical professionals who treated Barbara Mandrell after her 1984 car accident not to tell anyone about mind control.

So now, if you hear of Woodland Hills, or Reseda, Agoura Hills, Panorama City, or of locations in Santa Barbara County, perhaps you’ll have the same reaction as I do now, and wonder if there’s some mind control or even “Hellmouth” (dark occult) angle that has been kept somewhat isolated in the San Fernando Valley basin.

On a positive note, while I may feel like Giles from Buffy trying to talk about this stuff in a convincing way to people who’ve been taught to believe only in the material world since birth, thankfully I was fortunate enough to be raised by loving parents and we lived sufficiently distant from the real-world Hellmouth of Brice Taylor.




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