The Real X-Files Pt. 1: Dennis F. Bishop

Now that I’ve deleted my Twitter account, which I’d had since 2009, due to Elon Musk being a literal Nazi who proudly promotes Nazi ideology and has turned Twitter into a Nazi ideology-boosting propaganda site, it’s time for me to post here my “mind control” discoveries which I first posted there, as I was researching them.

“Trauma-based mind control” supposedly doesn’t exist, if you believe the “official narrative”. However, it does, sadly. Here’s a quick bibliography of survivor testimonies that I recommend: none of their stories have been “debunked” successfully (believe me, I’ve tried), and they all complement and corroborate each other. The most rational and likely explanation for this is that these survivors are telling the truth. It’s more difficult for me to imagine that all of these survivors have choreographed a giant lie in advance, communicating surreptitiously without being caught, especially when many of them appear to mistrust each other. Even less likely of an explanation would be that these survivors possessed some sort of “super-psi” to read each others’ minds and create a fake story “on the astral plane”, or perhaps they all had access to a time machine to travel into the future to collect info on the Internet and then back to the 1990s to write their stories.

I first read Cathy O’Brien’s memoir in 2003, and it all sounded nearly beyond belief, but why would anyone make up such horrible crimes and then accuse a number of real, named, high powered individuals (and some non-public figures) as abusers and risk being sued for libel? As far as I know, none of these authors have ever been sued for libel. You can find PDFs of these books, although there’s no guarantee that you’re getting an unaltered edition.

Another fact about these books is that they’re not written to be titillating or erotic. Quite the opposite. They’re written like affidavits, by people who’ve been the victims of crimes beyond the comprehension of most humans, who just want to be believed. People who have become extremely tired of being called “crazy”.

I dove down this rabbit hole last December after reading the testimonies of the Hamblin sisters in Utah who accused their parents and their parents’ friends of subjecting them to all sorts of horrific sexual, physical, emotional, and verbal abuse and forcing them to participate in grotesque crimes, of the “Satanic Ritual Abuse” variety that we were all told, by the mainstream media, was all a giant hoax of “implanted memories” caused by “bad therapy”.

I wasn’t sure if I had a personal connection to any of this or not. The more I thought back to my own childhood, the more I realized that not only do I not have any “repressed memories” to recover, but that if anything really bad had happened to me, I could easily have repressed those memories, just like survivors claim. But I had a gnawing sense that I had met someone in my past who was victimized by MKULTRA / Monarch mind control experiments.

That someone was a man named Dennis Frank Bishop. In the mid-1990s, I worked part-time in a group at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory that worked on radio frequency interference analysis and related projects. I was a UNIX sysadmin and worked on a C++ GUI. Dennis Bishop was the one person on our team that nobody ever talked to. He was completely introverted and seemed anxious about having to talk to anyone, ever. He’d arrive at work, go straight to his small one-man office, and shut the door.

It was rumored that he was especially nervous around the few women in our group, but the one time I went into his office to help him with something, he seemed extremely nervous around me. He kept his office unusually warm and always wore cheap dress shirts and slacks that looked like he bought them at Sears. He was quite tall and lanky. We were all very uncomfortable around Dennis, because he seemed so completely broken inside, and none of us had any good theories as to why. In retrospect, I’d say that his soul had been broken.

One day in Jan. 1997, shortly after my 20th birthday, I went to JPL and one of my coworkers took my aside and told me, “bad news”, Dennis Bishop had checked into a hotel room in Pasadena on a high floor the previous night, and jumped from the balcony to his death.

As you can imagine, hearing of someone killing themselves, in that manner, made a big impression on me. Even weirder, there seemed to be something of a coverup from the start, in that everything was communicated verbally, not by email or writing, and the only info I learned was that Dennis was completely estranged from his family in Michigan, that his father had died, his mother and some siblings were still alive, and his body was being sent back for burial. I could find no mention of his death in any newspapers, then or today.

Fast forward to 2023. After rereading all the mind control narratives, including Cathy O’Brien’s, and thinking about how she was raised in Muskegon, Michigan, a small town that appears to have been something like a Potemkin village for mind control experiments during the 1960s through 1990s, I wondered if I could find out Dennis’s full name and something about his ancestry.

Imagine my shock when I found that Dennis Frank Bishop, born 19 Aug 1955, died 24 Jan 1997, SSN 378-54-0127, was born and raised in Muskegon, Michigan. Cathy O’Brien’s home town. All four of his grandparents were from Muskegon; two were Dutch immigrants, and the other two had parents who were Dutch immigrants. And they all moved straight to Muskegon; no other city.

What’s the connection? Well, the mind control survivor narratives all talk about implanting “suicide programming”, including implanting hypnotic compulsions for specific methods of suicide, including jumping from a tall building to one’s death! And what could be a more “Manchurian Candidate” way to execute such suicide programming than by checking into a nice hotel room in Pasadena (near JPL, but not near his bachelor apartment in Carson, whose address I found in a public records search) in order to jump from it?

I believe in my heart that Dennis Bishop chose this method of ending his life in the hope that he’d send a message to someone to help uncover these crimes, crimes that nobody outside of the Monarch mind control project understood or recognized as such until I made the connection from Bishop to Muskegon this year.







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