Has 2G GSM (not 5G!) Been Suppressing Our Minds?

You’re probably aware of the anger and fear among “conspiracy theorists” about the rollout of 5G cellphone radio technologies, including claims that are contrary to the known laws of physics, like that 5G will do something with the COVID-19 vaccines yadda yadda mind control. I’ll have much more to write in future weeks and months on the topic of mind control, but I don’t think we should be looking at 5G. I won’t claim that the new millimeter-wave frequencies are harmless, but I think there’s a silver lining that’s being missed, which is the worldwide shutdown of obsolete 2G GSM base stations, and the natural experiment that we’re undergoing relating to, of all things, psychic powers.

I was forced to accept and take on board a bundle of paranormal beliefs between what I was reading from trauma-based mind control abuse survivors and reading the book Phenomena: The Secret History of the U.S. Government’s Investigations into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis by Annie Jacobsen, which I highly recommend.

In Phenomena, Jacobsen reveals through declassified documents and many interviews what my government’s intelligence agencies learned about “anomalous mental phenomena”, which is the scientific way to talk about remote viewing, telekinesis, telepathy, etc. in order to get funding and not to be shut down by “debunkers” who adamantly refuse to believe in anything paranormal, despite the results.

I’ve noticed a number of YouTube videos about the CIA and the “Gateway Process”, because the CIA declassified some info on it. Phenomena goes into detail on the origins and successes/failures of that program, as well as many others. The upshot is that psychic powers appear to be a talent that many possess to some degree or other, and which can be practiced, but we have no idea why there’s such an extreme gap between someone like Ingo Swann and your average everyday psychic, much less someone with no discernible psychic abilities despite practice.

Ingo Swann was the inspiration for the theory I’m going to present about 2G GSM phones perhaps being harmful to humans in a psychic sense, something I certainly never worried about back when I disbelieved in “the astral plane”. But if you watch Michael Persinger on YouTube talk about Ingo Swann and others, an interesting number comes up: 7-Hz.

It turns out that Ingo Swann’s remote viewing abilities could be disrupted in the lab by surrounding his brain with a 7-Hz pulsed magnetic field. There’s a scientific paper documenting this with the unwieldy title Remote viewing with the artist Ingo Swann: neuropsychological profile, electroencephalographic correlates, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and possible mechanisms.

The “targeted individual” community often talks about directed energy weapons, which are a real thing, so it’s clear that something about pulsed microwaves makes them interact with human biology in a way that a continuous signal, like we’re exposed to from 3G and newer radio technologies which typically use some variant of CDMA multiplexing or frequency hopping, do not.

CDMA, generically, is where all the phones transmit at the same frequency with a unique code that the base station can use to disentangle the individual phones, do not. It’s practically magic, and it was used by the 2G/3G tech known as “CDMA” or “C2K”.

GSM, the worldwide standard for 2G and beyond, is a protocol stack that I’m intimately familiar with. The 2G version, which is being shut down, as I mentioned, due to spectral inefficiency, uses a simple technique called TDMA to share a single uplink frequency among multiple phones. Rather than everyone transmitting at once, TDMA divides the channel into small slices of time which are allocated to individual phones in a precise sequence. This has the effect of turning every 2G phone into a pulsed microwave transmitter. But wait, it gets better!

One thing that always unnerved me about the 2G era was the phenomenon of TDMA interference with audio equipment, which led to what was called “217-Hz noise” in the industry. That’s the infamous Morse-code sounding “dit-dit-dit” that you’ll hear on recordings from that era wherever someone’s phone was close to an audio amp that picked up the interference.

It’s funny to talk about now, because this was such a product of its time, but during the 2G era, a savvy phone owner could often anticipate receiving a text message or a phone call several seconds in advance of the notification or ring, if they happened to be listening to the radio and heard the 217-Hz noise. In fact, this trope is even simulated in the Grand Theft Auto games from this era where you have a cellphone: when you’re driving in a (stolen) car, listening to music, you’ll hear the 217-Hz interference a few seconds before you get an in-game call or text. Just like real life!

The frequency isn’t exactly 217-Hz, but closer to 216.6667-Hz. Either way, it’s the 31st harmonic of 7-Hz (or 6.989-Hz), which is the exact frequency, or close enough, to the pulsed magnetic waves that disrupted Ingo Swann’s psychic powers in the lab. Michael Persinger claimed that reports of “hauntings” and other paranormal phenomena have been steadily decreasing, and he pointed the finger at our saturated radio environment in general, but after making the 217-Hz / 7-Hz connection, it occurs to me now that it could have been specifically 2G GSM that’s been the culprit.

Ironically, if my theory is true, then any disturbances that people start experiencing due to the sudden lack of suppression from 2G could easily be falsely blamed on the installation of 5G, if the shutdown of 2G happened around the same time period. Because 2G GSM is being decommissioned on a country by country basis, this presents for us a unique one-time natural experiment vis-à-vis our psychic powers and our technological prowess.

Perhaps we’d been poisoning ourselves all along by accident. Perhaps more sinister forces were at work? The math that works out to those 217 Hz pulses is quite strange. Why not 250 Hz? It seems suspicious to me now that we ended up with a multiple of 7.

One last numerological observation that may be related: I’ve been listening to a lot of binaural beats on YouTube to kick my brain into theta waves, and I haven’t had any mystical out-of-body experiences yet, but they’re quite relaxing. There are a lot of health claims in the “New Age” community being made about the benefits of 432-Hz tunings rather than the standard A = 440 Hz. I never bought the claims that there’s any particular reason to have musical notes be an integral number of Hz, which seems to have been the original motivation for “scientific pitch”, because the length of a second is arbitrary and has no obvious correlation to health or the brain.

However, 432-Hz is the 62nd harmonic of, you guessed it, 6.9677 Hz. More relevant to my theory about GSM is that this tuning gives you 216-Hz for the A note one octave lower, so perhaps people have been subconsciously seeking to repair the damage to their psyche caused by being bombarded with 217-Hz pulses for the past several decades?

We’re going to shut down 2G worldwide because it’s obsolete, and there’s little I can do to try to proselytize to shut 2G GSM down more quickly, because this theory is too esoteric for most people to want to believe, I know, and the people who want to keep the old networks running all have investments in ancient devices that they don’t want to spend to get upgraded, or perhaps can’t upgrade without buying a newer model of car (in the case of OnStar), and they can’t see beyond their own convenience and pocketbooks.

What do you think? Have you noticed any anomalous mental phenomena as the 2G GSM cell networks are shutting down?

Update: My assumption at this point about the 2G GSM protocol stack is that everything about it should be assumed to be sinister until proven otherwise. Because so much of it was reworked in the 3G and 4G LTE transitions and interim releases, I’m much more confident saying 3G and beyond standards are bad only in the sense that the standards bodies now focus on getting as many of their companies’ patents into the standard as possible.

In the context of 2G, though, and “Satanic conspiracies” to suppress global consciousness, one theme that often comes up is hiding clues “in plain sight”, such as doing sacrifices on Pagan holidays or putting occult numbers into stuff. The argument that “every UPC code has 666 embedded in it” was never very convincing to me.

But guess what I just now discovered while looking at the Wikipedia page with the list of common crystal oscillator frequencies (as one does) to refresh my memory as to the exact oscillator frequency used for GSM phones? It’s exactly 13.000 MHz.




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